9 Personnel expense

In CHF million   2015   2014
Salary and wage costs   2,295   2,194
Social security expenses   257   232
Expense of defined benefit plans. See Note 10.   320   244
Expense of defined contribution plans. See Note 10.   9   10
Expense of share-based payments. See Note 11.   2   5
Salary and wage costs of the employment company Worklink   4   5
Termination benefits   67   (1)
Other personnel expense   65   62
Total personnel expense   3,019   2,751

Termination benefit programmes

­Swisscom supports employees involved in downsizing through a social plan. Depending on the relevant social plan as well as age and length of service, certain employees affected by downsizing may transfer to the employment company Worklink Ltd. The employment company Worklink Ltd hires out participating employees to third parties on a temporary basis. For further information see Note 28.