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Swisscom in Switzerland

Swisscom is committed to service and quality and to interacting with its customers in a personalised and value-adding manner. Six million customer visits to Swisscom Shops, 3,500 customer advisors, twelve million calls and more than four million e-mails and letters per year are the basis for Swisscom staying in touch with its customers and providing personal service. For years now, excellence in service has been a top priority for Swisscom.

Residential customers

Additional functionality and new content were added to Swisscom TV 2.0 in 2015. The cloud-based recording function allows users to record an unlimited number of programmes simultaneously and play them back on different devices. Swisscom also extended the replay function from 30 hours to seven days, and integrated around 50 of the most popular apps such as YouTube and Facebook in Swisscom TV 2.0. Moreover, Swisscom TV will soon be offering TV images in ultra-sharp 4K/Ultra HD (ultra-high definition) quality. The Natel infinity mobile phone offering has also been expanded: the new Natel infinity plus not only allows unlimited surfing, calls and SMS/MMS messaging in Switzerland, but also includes worry-free roaming within the EU and Western Europe. Natel infinity (plus) customers can also now enjoy Swisscom TV Air with 30 hours of replay and 60 hours of personal recordings free of charge for one year. The bundled offerings, ranging from Vivo XS to XL, combine TV, Internet and fixed-line access and offer the right subscription for individual needs. Subscribers who combine Vivo and Natel infinity (plus) also benefit from a bundle discount. Swisscom also provides its customers with applications such as the communications app iO or the cloud app myCloud. iO users can telephone over the Internet for free, chat and share photos with other iO users. The newly integrated video chat enables live video communication during chatting. In myCloud Swisscom offers its customers a Swiss solution for the secure management and sharing of their personal data, such as photos, videos and documents. Swisscom has also added a further customer service offering in the form of My Service, a personal technical support service, available as a subscription or on a one-off basis. My Service can be accessed at home, in a Swisscom shop or via the Internet.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Swisscom’s My SME Office and Natel business infinity packages offer products tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Business Connect and Full Service Solution are innovative communication solutions that can be customised to meet the individual needs of SME customers.

Enterprise Customers

Digitalisation is substantially changing business processes, the customer experience and the working world in companies. As a telecommunications and IT company, Swisscom has extensive experience in digitisation and innovative solutions. It is driving the digitisation of Switzerland and supporting companies in their digital transformation. In this context, it has one of the largest ICT portfolios, comprising cloud, outsourcing and workplace solutions, UCC solutions, mobile phone solutions such as Natel go, networking solutions, offices networking, business process optimisation, SAP solutions, security and authentication solutions (mobile ID) and a full range of services tailored to the financial industry. Swisscom also offers new solutions for the Internet of Things such as machine-to-machine networks, new interaction options thanks to the Service Interactor and solutions for digitised business processes.

Healthcare market

Swisscom now delivers a full range of solutions for linking service providers and for managing the health of private individuals. These offerings range from the Evita online health dossier to networking solutions for service providers, billing services and mobile health files for hospitals, making Swisscom a leading provider of networked healthcare solutions in the Swiss market.

Networked home

SmartLife is a range of products designed to make the home safer and more secure. The SmartLife app allows movement detectors, HD cameras, fire and water alarms and other home security technology to be controlled via smartphones, computers and tablets. Likewise, tiko, the smart electricity storage network from Swisscom Energy Solutions, allows users to manage and control the energy consumption of their heat pumps, electrical heating systems or boilers remotely via the Internet.


Sustainable ICT technologies support companies in their efforts to save energy and cut costs in intelligent ways while also offering their staff an attractive working environment. These technologies include teleworking and virtual meetings, which save on travel costs and time, and telehousing and hosting solutions, which reduce the amount of energy consumed by data centres. The Internet of Things creates further opportunities to manage vehicles, buildings and machines more intelligently and efficiently than in the past.

Fastweb in Italy

Fastweb offers its residential and business customers voice and broadband services provided through its own broadband and ultra-fast broadband network as well as via unbundled access lines and wholesale products of Telecom Italia. It has forged a successful partnership with pay-TV provider Sky Italia, allowing it to offer bundled products which combine voice and broadband services as well as TV services. Under an agreement with a mobile operator, Fastweb offers its mobile services primarily to residential customers. However, it also offers a comprehensive range of ICT, cloud and security services for business customers.

Fastweb has confirmed its leading position as an innovative service provider. It has launched a comprehensive WiFi solution onto the market, thanks to which each customer’s home router can potentially form a WiFi access point available to the entire Fastweb community. This solution, which is unique in Italy, is based on Fastweb’s fibre-optic network and a simple but secure registration process. Fastweb thus offers its customers the possibility of using the mobile Internet through this solution without any additional expense.