Current innovation projects

Swisscom invests in progressive solutions in a wide variety of technology segments. The aim is to provide the best infrastructure for a digital Switzerland, tap new growth markets and offer its customers the best services and products:

  • Identity Access Management: In a world full of virtual products and services, a digital identity can be a useful tool. It makes life simpler by replacing a large number of passwords with a single, simple user ID. Swisscom is currently drawing up the foundations for such a digital identity and for concrete applications.
  • Voice over LTE (VoLTE)/WLAN interworking: The 4G/LTE network is currently a dedicated data network, with customers being transferred to the 3G network for calls. With VoLTE, Swisscom is aiming to enable the use of voice telephony via 4G, with a technical adjustment to the mobile infrastructure also allowing voice telephony via WLAN. Customers will be able to enjoy faster connection times and improved voice quality.
  • Microcells: Over the past few years, the standard of quality that customers expect the network to deliver has risen dramatically. The growing volume of data in mobile communications in particular is a major challenge. Swisscom is seeking and developing innovative network solutions that allow high volumes of data to be handled efficiently and guarantee seamless mobile network provision at busy locations. One promising solution is the installation of low-power microcells that provide high capacity locally. Swisscom is working on the development of new types of antennae that will allow such microcells to be operated efficiently and integrated seamlessly in the existing architecture.
  • Cloud: Swisscom is developing a cloud that has a uniform architecture and offers companies and private individuals a wide range of services. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, open source, the latest security concepts and data storage on servers in Switzerland, Swisscom is leading the way in cloud computing.
  • Application Cloud – turbocharge for apps: Agile and fast to market with new apps: this is the benefit of the new Swisscom Application Cloud in a nutshell. Developers automatically have access to the infrastructure and the services they need in the public Cloud. In the Application Cloud, Swisscom offers a powerful tool for continuous innovation. The results of the close cooperation with start-ups and Cloud Foundry flow directly into the development of the Application Cloud. This means that Swisscom is always at the forefront technologically and is able to further drive the transformation of Swiss business towards the digital future.
  • Low-power network to connect everyday objects: To enable devices to communicate more efficiently with each other in future, Swisscom is testing a network for the Internet of Things. This Low Power Network is the first of its kind in Switzerland. It connects objects that exchange only small amounts of data with each other and require only a minimal supply of power. Objects such as bicycles, letter boxes, bins or even shoes can communicate in this way over the network. The pilot project for this complementary new network started in the Zurich and Geneva regions in the summer.
  • Smart City: In Pully, canton of Vaud, anonymised and aggregated mobile phone data will in future help to improve traffic flows in the city and relieve pressure on the city centre. The project is intended to act as a pilot: Swisscom is helping towns and cities to plan their infrastructure in a more systematic manner and find easier ways to manage it.
  • A new TV box for a new era of picture quality – ultra-high definition: In May 2015 Swisscom TV 2.0 received the respected TV Connect Award, which is awarded every year for outstanding innovations in digital television and networked entertainment. Swisscom is planning other innovations in its TV services in 2016. In spring 2015, it launched a new TV box which enables Swisscom TV 2.0 customers to enjoy ultra-HD content on their TV sets. The new TV box supports High Dynamic Range (HDR), offering stunning image display. It will be complemented by a new remote control system which will allow customers to use voice control to search for content.
  • My Digital Life: My Digital Life brings together Swisscom’s efforts to combine the digital data of its customers – for example data from their mobile applications – and to use this to create new customer experiences. One of the components of My Digital Life is myCloud, the recently launched cloud solution for photos, videos and other files for residential customers.
  • Clean Pipe: Under the working title “Clean Pipe”, Swisscom is trialling new ways of making digital life simpler for customers and protecting them against dangers and bad experiences, such as phishing. In the year under review, Swisscom launched the first product, Safe Connect, an app based on VPN technology that blocks access to websites considered to be dangerous, and to malware. 
  • Interactor digitises customer experiences: One of the main components of the Swisscom Interactor are small radio transmitters known as beacons which create a personalised shopping experience based on targeted offers such as digital vouchers or opportunities to collect customer loyalty points. They are already in use in the Loeb department store in Berne, for example. After making a purchase the purchaser can rate their buying experience via the app. This enables vendors to get to know their customers’ preferences better and continuously improve their customer service. The beacons represent the start of this development: In future, the Swisscom Interactor will use further technologies such as augmented reality, GPS, 4G and WiFi and will bridge the gap between offline and online channels.
  • Siroop: With the acquisition of a stake in Siroop, a start-up company established by Coop, and the launch of the Siroop online marketplace, Swisscom is driving digitisation, offering customers and Swiss retailers a secure and attractive platform and leveraging the trend in favour of online retailing, which is increasingly growing in importance for Swisscom as well. Coop and Swisscom are contributing their expertise in digitisation, e-commerce, marketing and retailing to the start-up company.