Staff development

Swisscom’s market environment is constantly changing. The company invests in targeted professional training for its employees and managers in order to maintain and improve their employability and the company’s competitiveness in the long term. Employees are supported in their development by a wide range of on- and off-the-job development options as well as internal programmes and training courses. The various training options have been brought together under the Group-wide Learning Centre, where they can be accessed by all employees via their own dedicated learning space. Nearly half of all internal learning and training courses take the form of e-learning programmes which can be carried out at any time and at any location. The courses cover technical, management and project management topics. As part of talent management, around 10% of the top performers from the target groups have completed a corresponding internal programme. On-the-job training options, including job moves and stages, are becoming increasingly important. Swisscom already fills 75% of advertised management vacancies internally. It also welcomes opportunities for employees to attend external further training courses, providing financial support and granting time off for such studies. In the year under review, every Swisscom employee spent 3.9 days on training and development in Switzerland.

Swisscom management sees staff development as a crucial element of its management responsibility. Regular dialogue between employees and management is used as an orientation tool to heighten the general commitment to personal training and development in a networked world. It also makes it easier to agree on and implement medium-term development measures. To assess and promote employee performance and development, Swisscom will continue to develop its Performance Management System in line with requirements. Performance appraisals are carried out according to fair principles and cover a wide range of criteria based on binding agreements on objectives. The ongoing dialogue between employees and management about the agreed objectives ensures they are met over the course of the year. Broad support for the performance and development evaluations is provided within the framework of twice-yearly calibration rounds among groups of managers, at which performance is systematically assessed and further development steps are initiated. These rounds are also used to draw up succession plans for key functions and to place talents in specially designed talent programmes and offer promising employees challenging positions beyond their individual departments so as to promote their development.

The Leadership Academy offers managers in both personnel and technical leadership roles the opportunity to get to grips with the key skills of management in a changing environment. Offerings tailored to individuals and platforms aimed at further improving management skills in a particular group or a specific context build up the competences of Swisscom’s managers in a systematic and sustained way.

Employee training in general and in the area of corporate responsibility

Swisscom regularly provides its employees with training on relevant topics, including security, compliance and corporate responsibility. For example, Swisscom raises awareness of ecological and social issues among new hires at its Welcome Days. As part of “Hello Future” dialogues, 17 apprentices joined some 250 employee teams (prior year: 150) in learning about Swisscom’s sustainability goals during the year under review. As part of this campaign, the teams were encouraged to develop and implement their own contribution to sustainability.

Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering is the term used to describe voluntary work carried out by employees for charitable causes. Swisscom encourages this commitment by allowing its employees to do this during paid working hours and offering them the chance to help out with various volunteering projects in the fields of nature (Nature Days), social responsibility (Social Days) and economy (Economy Days). Swisscom employees can dedicate up to two days of their working time to voluntary work each year. A total of 1,206 volunteer days were clocked up in 2015.