Staff recruitment

Recruiting new staff

Swisscom seeks individuals who are motivated and passionate about helping customers and who want to help shape the future of the networked world. At all company locations in Switzerland, Swisscom endeavours to give priority to people from the surrounding regions. This is why the percentage of local employees in all areas and at all hierarchical levels is exceptionally high.

Student interns and trainees

In order to attract talented and highly motivated graduates, Swisscom cultivates close contact with universities and schools of applied sciences. Attending recruitment fairs and engaging in more advanced forms of cooperation, such as guest lectures and workshops, is very important to Swisscom. Many students gain initial professional experience at Swisscom during their studies either by working as interns or during the practical part of their Bachelor’s or Master’s course. In the last twelve months, 177 students began internships at Swisscom, and a similar number of students were coached through the practical part of their Bachelor’s or Master’s courses by Swisscom employees. Once they have successfully completed their studies, graduates can embark on the first step of the career ladder at Swisscom through internships, the trainee programme or a junior position. About 43.4% of the trainees and interns are women (72 women).

Vocational training

254 young people began their apprenticeships with Swisscom in August 2015, of which 97 were in ICT jobs in mediamatics and IT. Swisscom is thus Switzerland’s largest trainer of ICT professionals. At the end of 2015, there were more than 903 apprentices working at Swisscom, with 820 in technical and commercial apprenticeships as well as an additional 83 apprentices at its subsidiary cablex. With special offerings for girls, Swisscom helps to introduce girls in secondary school to ICT as a professional field. Thus, 102 girls took part in the Digital Days for Girls in Berne, Zurich and Lausanne. In order to promote language diversity, Swisscom encourages apprentices to join projects in other language regions. The Swisscom training model is geared towards independence and personal responsibility and aims to promote and develop the personality of every apprentice. Apprentices take an active role in devising their training so that it fits their individual priorities, and they apply within the company for different practical placements and learn from experienced employees during such placements.

Inclusion and integration services

Swisscom actively supports employees whose work performance may be impacted by health issues. The aim is to retain them as employees and to offer them continued meaningful employment. At the end of 2015, 0.76% (148 employees) of Swisscom’s workforce were involved in such programmes, which represents an increase of 0.1% (18 employees) compared to 2014. To further support and strengthen these inclusion measures, a number of FTE positions have been made available since the autumn of 2014. Swisscom’s aim is to create and fill Workability jobs and integration positions for at least 1% of the workforce.

Staff recruitment outside of Switzerland

As a Swiss company, Swisscom is committed to the Swiss employment market. In order to meet customer needs and remain competitive, Swisscom is prepared to work together with both domestic and international recruitment partners, on the condition that they satisfy Swisscom’s requirements as regards local labour legislation and sustainability. Swisscom does not directly recruit staff from outside of Switzerland.