Data protection

The customer data that Swisscom works with is subject to the Swiss Data Protection Act and Telecommunications Act. The protection of privacy, compliance with data protection laws and the observance of telecommunications secrecy are key tasks and concerns for Swisscom. The Data Protection Declaration explains how Swisscom handles personal data. Swisscom adheres strictly to the law in all matters relating to data protection. It collects, stores and processes only such data as is required for the following purposes: the provision of services, the handling and maintenance of the customer relationship, i.e. ensuring high service quality, the security of the company and its infrastructure, and billing. Customers also consent to Swisscom processing their data for marketing purposes and to their data being processed for the same purposes within the Swisscom Group. Customers have the option of stating what types of advertising material they do or do not wish to receive (“opt-out”). Swisscom has set itself the goal of providing all employees who have access to customer data as part of their job with thorough instruction on compliance within their work. In addition, it raises awareness among its employees through data protection training and equips them to implement the requirements of data protection rigorously.

Swisscom has also implemented technical measures designed to further improve data protection. It has reviewed and specified all access rights to critical customer data. It has also set up a system to determine whether access to critical customer data is legitimate. Swisscom will in future continue to do everything in its power to protect its customers’ data by optimising its technology, organisation, processes and employee training. Swisscom is aware of its responsibility for data protection. In bringing in new technologies and in meeting new needs, Swisscom will continue to exercise the required sensitivity and assume its social responsibility as a companion in the networked world.