Basic service provision

Swisscom is responsible for providing basic telecoms services in Switzerland, and has been mandated to do so until 2017. The aim of the mandate is the provision of analogue and digital network access throughout Switzerland, including voice telephony, fax, data transmission and broadband Internet access. The guaranteed transmission speed for a broadband Internet connection was increased to 2 Mbps (downloads) and 200 kbps (uploads) in the year under review. The price ceiling for this service is CHF 55 per month (excluding VAT).

Another part of basic service provision for which Swisscom has long been responsible is the maintenance and operation of the public telephones and access to the emergency call service for the police, fire and ambulance services, as well as special services for the disabled. Swisscom foregoes any financial compensation for the uncovered costs of basic service provision.

    Unit   2013   2014   2015
Number of public payphones 1   Number   4,834   4,453   4,091
Emergency calls   in thousand   2,284   2,716   2,682
Calls to the service for visually impaired/hard of hearing   in thousand   515   463   416
1 Of which 2'949 (2015), 3,105 (2014), 3,307 (2013) within the scope of basic service provision