Offers in the healthcare sector

Digital health for a healthy Switzerland

Swisscom is networking the Swiss healthcare sector by means of secure solutions for the digital exchange of information. For this purpose, Swisscom is pursuing three main strategies: Firstly, it helps service providers such as doctors and hospitals to increase efficiency through digitised medical and administrative processes and secure data communication. Secondly, Swisscom is contributing to a sustainable healthcare system. It promotes the standardisation of the exchange of medical data and the expansion of the eHealth infrastructure for a healthy and future-oriented Switzerland. Thirdly, Swisscom is offering its customers new technological opportunities for health-conscious living.

Lower healthcare costs thanks to digitisation

Healthcare costs continue to spiral in Switzerland at a seemingly unstoppable rate. According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, 11.5% of GDP is spent on healthcare. One reason behind the high cost of healthcare is the lack of extensive digitisation in the healthcare sector. Experts estimate that around 250 million paper documents are sent every year in the Swiss healthcare sector, especially as faxes and letters are still the standard mode of communication. Herein lies major savings potential. Swisscom commissioned a consulting firm to investigate the potential savings by studying general practitioners and two hospitals. As the study showed, savings can be made in the referral process from the general practitioner or specialist to the hospital and in the subsequent discharge reports. According to the consulting firm, digitising all these processes would reduce processing costs by around 90%. In Switzerland, this would correspond to over CHF 100 million, while increasing the quality of healthcare at the same time.

An ambitious goal

Swisscom set the following group goal in the area of Corporate Responsibility: by 2020, Swisscom aims to be supporting one million customers through offers and services in the healthcare sector. The 2015 annual report will provide quantitative data on this and highlight where the most-significant progress has been made in the past financial year. Currently, some 2,000 doctors, 200 hospitals and 16 Spitex firms use Swisscom services as customers. In addition, several thousand private individuals use Evita, the digital health dossier from Swisscom. Swisscom’s platform for occupational health management already operates in over 60 companies.

Swisscom expanded its customer base in the healthcare sector in 2015. After several important projects were started in various hospitals and cantons, Swisscom Health AG secured the largest eHealth contract in Switzerland from the Canton of Zurich. It thus made an important step toward its goal in establishing networks of service providers, such as hospitals, retirement homes and physicians in order to achieve a leading market position.

Health Centre

The Swisscom Health Centre is part of Swisscom’s social responsibility. It serves as a platform dedicated to the personal health of Swisscom employees and offers applications for personal health management and prevention. Swisscom offers the Health Centre to other companies who wish to actively promote the health and well-being of their employees.

Online platform for operational health management

The Swisscom online platform for occupational health management (OHM) is available to companies of any size, allowing them to promote health and well-being within the company. Employees take a comprehensive health test with an integrated coaching call and thus look after their health completely anonymously. Personal data is saved in the Evita dossier and the users also benefit from special offers.

Evita – the online health record facility from Swisscom

The online health dossier from Swisscom provides access to doctor and hospital health data as well as to patients’ own records. All personal medical data and documents of the patient are stored securely in one place and can be accessed online at any time. Swisscom develops solutions to enable patients, service providers and cost bearers to exchange administrative and medical data digitally. The Evita online health dossier and the curaX networking solution make this exchange possible and reduce costs as well as saving time and resources. In addition, internal and external processes make the exchange of information and data storage efficient and secure.

Promoting health among the population Sporting events

Those who want to lead a healthy life must exercise on a regular basis and participate actively in popular and mass sporting events. Swisscom subsidiary Datasport makes a significant contribution to ensuring that many of these events run smoothly. Each year, Datasport organises over 300 events in the fields of running, walking, cycling, mountain biking, in-line skating, triathlon/duathlon, cross-country skiing and Alpine skiing. As a one-stop provider, it is responsible for data management, notification procedures, collection, time recording results services, speaker and information systems and information dissemination. In addition, Swisscom sells wearable accessories for fitness activities via its shops. Corresponding pilot projects were started in 2015.