Swisscom Switzerland

Swisscom Switzerland comprises the customer segments Residential Customers (Sales & Services and Products & Marketing divisions), Enterprise Customers and Wholesale, as well as the IT, Network & Infrastructure division.

Residential Customers

Sales & Services

Sales & Services combines all sales channels and services for residential and SME customers under one roof and is responsible for all call centres, online & cross channels, shops and field services within Swisscom Switzerland. Sales & Services, together with the Customer Interaction Experience team, also oversees all customer, sales and service processes along the full customer experience chain and designs these processes.

Products & Marketing

The Products & Marketing segment houses the product and marketing expertise for residential and SME customers. The division ensures that these two segments provide a uniform customer experience. Products & Marketing plans, conceives and designs standardised B2B and B2C products.

Enterprise Customers

Whether voice or data, mobile or fixed network, individual products or integrated solutions, as a leading provider in the field of business communications, the Enterprise Customers segment supports customers with the planning, implementation and operation of their IT and communications infrastructure, including the provision of cost-efficient solutions and reliable services. Enterprise Customers ranks as one of the leading providers for the integration and operation of complex IT systems. It also has core competencies in the fields of integrated communication solutions, IT infrastructure and cloud services, workplace solutions and the digitisation of business process (including SAP services) and provides a comprehensive range of outsourcing services for the financial sector.


The Wholesale segment provides various services for other telecommunications providers, such as regulated access to the “last mile” as well as commercial voice, data and broadband products. The Wholesale segment also covers roaming services with foreign providers.

IT, Network & Infrastructure

The IT, Network & Infrastructure (INI) segment builds, operates and maintains Swisscom’s nationwide fixed network and mobile communications infrastructure in Switzerland. It is also responsible for the development and production of Switzerland-wide standardised IT and network services and for the operation of all IT systems. INI is also driving forward the migration of the networks to an integrated IT and IP-based platform (All IP). The segment also includes the support functions for Swisscom Switzerland as well as Swisscom Real Estate Ltd and Business Fleet Management Ltd.