Swisscom TV

Thanks to a new TV-Box, customers can now for the first time watch programmes in ultra-high definition (UHD). The built-in voice-activated search function that supports Swiss dialects ensures that content is even easier to find. Swisscom is also making it easier to access barrier-free TV content.

Swisscom is the first telecommunications service provider in Europe to start using the new transmission standard throughout Switzerland. The technology will allow Swisscom to quickly and cost-effectively provide high transmission speeds of up to 500 Mbps.

Smart cities

­Swisscom, in cooperation with the private IMD business school, published a study aimed at supporting authorities with digitisation. This study is one way in which Swisscom strives to help cities employ digital technology in smarter, more innovative ways.

1 Gbps

Swisscom, together with its partner Ericsson, is the first provider in Europe to successfully transfer data at 1 Gbps over the mobile broadband network. In doing so, it is taking another major step towards the introduction of even higher mobile Internet speeds.

The Internet of Things

Swisscom is the first provider in Switzerland to set up an additional network dedicated to the Internet of Things: the Low Power Network. This network is designed for the transmission of small amounts of  data independently of the electrical network.

Internet-Box 2

Thanks to its optimised technology, the new “Internet-Box 2” router offers faster WLAN speeds and a large transmission range at home.

Blocking advertising calls

Swisscom customers can activate a filter to block advertising calls with a few clicks in the Customer Centre or by calling the hotline. An IP-based fixed-­network connection is required to use this filter.

Repair Centre

There are nine Repair Centres in Swisscom Shops throughout German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. Defective mobile phones are, where possible, repaired on site within 24 hours.

Voice recognition

Swisscom is introducing new voice recognition software for its Voiceprint hotline. The so-called customer voiceprint ensures an even faster and more reliable identity verification process than ever before.

FinTech start-ups

In its capacity as an IT service provider, Swisscom currently provides support to more than half of all Swiss banks in matters relating to digitisation, and is now intensifying its collaboration with FinTech start-ups.

New sub­scription benefits

Households made up of five people or more can now take advantage of the new Tutto benefit. The new Natel infinity 2.0 subscriptions also offer higher surfing speeds, more roaming options and unlimited online storage.

New business park

More than 500 employees are moving into the new business park in Sion. The building, which complies with the Minergie-P-Eco standard, meets Swisscom’s high standards with respect to sustainable development and modern working methods.