Staff development

Swisscom’s market environment is constantly changing. The company invests in targeted professional training for its employees and managers in order to maintain and improve their employability and the company’s competitiveness in the long term. As a pioneer in the field of digitisation in Switzerland, Swisscom is also dedicated to getting to grips with the working models of the future so as to provide employees and management with a learning environment in which they can develop and test new skills. All employees have a variety of e-learning modules at their disposal in the Learning Centre, featuring different types of lessons ranging from management topics, ICT and business economics all the way to security and governance issues. In dialogue and in agreement with line managers, all employees also have the opportunity to attend internal and external training programmes. Swisscom supports this both financially and also in terms of providing time off work. In doing so, Swisscom relies upon its employees’ sense of responsibility to shape their own professional development so that it meets their respective strengths. This also applies to talent management. Employees can reapply for the talent programme independently. In the year under review, every Swisscom employee spent 2.9 days on learning, training and development in Switzerland.

Swisscom believes that providing employees with support in their development is an important task in the remit of management staff. Regular dialogue and feedback between employees, peers and line managers is used as an orientation tool to heighten the general awareness of professional development and long-term employability in the networked world. To assess and promote employee performance and development, Swisscom will continue to develop its Performance Management System in line with requirements. Performance evaluations are held on the basis of binding contribution agreements, which are now discussed openly within the respective teams.

The feedback provided by internal customers to the respective employees supplements the constant dialogue between employees and management staff and supports the achievement of agreed contribution throughout the course of the year.

The Leadership Academy offers managers in personnel, project and technical leadership roles the opportunity to get to grips with the key skills of management in a rapidly changing environment. Individual training offerings and platforms which deepen management capabilities in a particular group or a specific context also help to build up the skills of Swisscom’s managers in a systematic and sustained way.