Focused innovation

Swisscom is focusing its innovation activities on the following seven areas of innovation, which in turn directly help the Group achieve its goals:


Swisscom continually invests in progressive solutions in these areas of innovation. The aim is to provide the best ICT infrastructure for a digital Switzerland, tap new growth markets and offer its customers the best services and products:

  • 5G for Switzerland: As part of the “5G for Switzerland” programme, Swisscom and Ericsson are making preparations for the new generation of mobile technology. Working together with the Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) as a research partner, their aim is to advance the development of 5G. They are also planning to work together with industrial partners on developing and testing the potential applications in a wide range of different areas, such as smart transportation and virtual reality. The research results will influence the definition of the global 5G standard.
  • At the end of 2016, Swisscom became the first telecommunications company in Europe to integrate the innovative (pronounced “gee dot fast”) transmission standard into its fixed network. is an important element of Swisscom’s fixed network strategy and accommodates the continuous data growth within the network. Thanks to, customers can benefit from bandwidths of up to 500 Mbps.
Internet of Things
  • Swisscom Low Power Network: This network is used for applications in combination with “autonomous” devices that only transmit a small amount of data. The devices in the field require less power and can therefore function without a power supply or large batteries. Manufacturing and maintenance are relatively cost-effective. Swisscom is providing Switzerland’s first national LPN for the Internet of Things.
  • Smart City: In Pully, Canton of Vaud, and other pilot cities, anonymised, aggregated mobile phone data is helping to improve traffic flows in the town and relieve the burden on the town centre by displaying exact movement patterns. The project is intended to act as a pilot: Swisscom is helping towns and cities to plan their infrastructure in a more systematic manner and find easier ways to manage it.
Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
  • Voiceprint: Customers who call the hotline can now be identified through their voice. The so-called voiceprint makes the identity verification process faster and more reliable. Voiceprint thus helps agents to serve customers even faster and with a more personal service.
  • Security with artificial intelligence: The number of threats from the Internet continues to grow and the threats themselves are becoming increasingly intelligent. Swisscom plans to use algorithms and artificial intelligence to automatically identify attacks and threats as well as to initiate the corresponding countermeasures. This could make a considerable contribution towards ensuring a safe and secure network.
  • UHD TV-Box for a new era of picture quality and voice recognition: In April 2016, Swisscom launched a new TV-Box. It is smaller, quicker, more economical and offers images in amazing ultra-high definition quality (UHD). The new box comes equipped with a new remote control with a built-in microphone to enable customers to perform voice-activated searches, thus eliminating the need to type in search terms and making it much easier to find film or programme titles, actors, sports clubs or other key words.
Digital Swisscom
  • Swisscom Friends – neighbourly help: The aim of Swisscom Friends is to encourage customers to discover the opportunities available in the digital world. As part of the neighbourly help service, people provide support to other people from their neighbourhood with any technical concerns they may have. The service comes with the benefit that support can also be provided outside of office hours. Swisscom Friends are volunteers and are compensated by customers directly.
Digital Business
  • siroop: Through its participation in Eos Commerce AG – a start-up founded by Coop – and the launch of the siroop online marketplace, Swisscom is driving digitisation, offering customers and Swiss retailers a secure and attractive platform and leveraging the trend in favour of online retailing, which is increasingly growing in importance for Swisscom as well. Coop and Swisscom are contributing their expertise in digitisation, e-commerce, marketing and retailing to start-up companies.

In addition to the activities it carries out in innovation fields, Swisscom is constantly investigating the opportunities offered by new technologies. In 2016, it focused on the potential of blockchain disruptive technology as well as virtual/augmented reality.

The aim is for Swisscom to provide the best infrastructure for a digital Switzerland, tap new growth markets and offer its customers the best services and products.