Swisscom operates in a dynamic and ever-changing market. Megatrends such as demographic change, globalisation and increasing digitisation and connectivity are shaping society and the economy and impact Swisscom’s business in the long term. Swisscom is thus evolving into an integrated technology provider that develops high-quality communications and IT solutions for its customers and lays the foundation for digitisation through the infrastructure it provides. It is committed to forward-looking human resources management, fostering a motivating performance and development culture and creating a working environment that supports its employees to unlock their potential, develop their skills and improve their individual employability.

Swisscom consistently focuses on meeting customer requirements. It empowers its employees to formulate clear personal contributions geared toward the team, department and corporate goals and to implement these in mixed, cross-divisional teams. At the same time, it never loses sight of its promise to offer customers the best experiences as it helps them find their way in the digital world. Employees play a vital role in delivering on this promise and implementing the corporate strategy. Innovation, operational excellence and customer focus are the keys for remaining competitive over the long term and main­taining the trust of customers in Swisscom, its management and its employees.