Living and promoting diversity

Swisscom values the diversity of its employees and is committed to their development. It is the different perspectives, experiences, ideas and skills offered by each individual that make Swisscom the successful and innovative company it is. A working environment that places the emphasis on people and their relationships and fosters a culture of mutual respect and trust with its customers is the cornerstone of collaboration at Swisscom. The activities described below are aimed at promoting diversity in terms of gender, inclusion, generations and language regions.

Reconciling career and family: various models to promote a healthy work-life balance

Swisscom is a sponsor of the Work Smart initiative. With that in mind, it offers its employees a wide range of flexible working models such as part-time positions, job-sharing and mobile working – for example, from a home office or on the go – as well as the option of purchasing additional holiday time. This allows employees to strike a balance between their personal needs and their professional commitments and motivates them to develop and harness their individual potential. Swisscom supports parents with financial contributions to childcare in certain situations. The Work & Care offering is geared specifically to employees who are designated caregivers for family members.

Consistent with its commitment to diversity, Swisscom has set itself the medium-term goal of increasing the percentage of women in management to 20%. To help it reach that goal, Swisscom is involved in the Women Back to Business programme run by the University of St. Gallen, an initiative designed to make it easier for women to re-enter the workforce. The programme also aims to exploit the special expertise exhibited by women, who alongside their technical qualifications possess heightened communication, conflict management and organisational skills and thus are particularly well equipped to meet the requirements placed on them in terms of flexibility and agility. Swisscom also piloted the “Teilzeitmann” (part-time man) initiative in 2016 which saw male employees work part-time on a temporary basis, helping break down prejudices and increase the acceptance of part-time work. Workshops on the topic of job-sharing achieved a similar result.

These measures combined also help boost employee satisfaction.


The people who work at Swisscom come from all age groups, ranging from young professionals beginning their careers to seasoned professionals about to retire. Cooperation and exchange between generations enable Swisscom to develop products and services that meet the varying needs of its customers.

Employees take part in training courses and further education programmes irrespective of their age. A part-time retirement model developed especially for older employees permits a phased-out exit from professional life.

Swisscom has been a member of the Swiss Demographics Forum since 2011. Currently comprising 14 organisations from the fields of education, finance and services, the forum collects information and draws up basic principles in order to establish sustainable demographic management. Its members have developed a variety of practical solutions that could be put to good use by the participating companies.

Nationality and language

Employees from around 92 nations work together to contribute to Swisscom’s success. They do this at multiple locations in all regions of Switzerland and in a wide variety of national languages. In addition, Swisscom prefers to employ people who live in the area where they work and are thus accustomed to their customers’ traditions and practices.