Staff development

Swisscom perceives it as a vital part of its management remit to give employees the freedom they need to grow and develop. As a pioneer in the field of digitisation in Switzerland, Swisscom is dedicated to getting to grips with the working and learning models of the future so as to provide employees and management with an environment in which they can develop and test these new skills. This includes, for example, digital squads – virtual, mixed teams that use flexible methods to perform interdisciplinary tasks – as well as the holacracy pilot project in individual divisions – an organisational model that, by applying standardised rules, strengthens employees’ task-specific powers and authorities and at the same paves the way for particularly efficient decision-making processes.

All employees have a variety of e-learning models at their disposal in the Learning Centre, featuring different types of courses ranging from management topics and specialist subjects (for example, the IT cloud and business economics) all the way to overarching issues such as security, digitisation and governance. In 2016, Swisscom thus established a learning environment that incorporates digitisation both in the way the educational offering is structured and disseminated as well as in terms of its content. Besides basic ICT knowledge, Swisscom also developed a wide range of role-specific learning content, including social media for sales and data centre strategies, which it incorporated into the Learning Centre. In agreement with line managers, all employees have the opportunity to attend internal and external training programmes. Swisscom supports the efforts of its staff to develop their skills and talents. At the same time, it relies both on the personal initiative of individual employees to research and explore appropriate development measures, as well as on the services provided by Talent Management. Here, too, however, the onus now also falls on the employee: they, and not their line manager, are responsible for putting themselves forward for the talent programmes they want to attend, although they are of course supported in their application by their line manager. This process has proven successful, and Swisscom now manages to fill most vacant positions with internal staff.

Through these measures, Swisscom makes a valuable contribution to promoting the employability of its staff and improving the competitiveness of the company itself. It also ensures that the organisations within the company adapt quickly and dynamically to the ongoing changes within their fields of activity.

A changing working environment meant that employees had less time for topics such as training. Another explanation for this decrease is that training days taken outside normal working hours are no longer documented in the personnel information system.

Work Smart @ Swisscom

Since Work Smart requires a change in working culture, Swisscom held an internal Work Smart week for all employees in the year under review, featuring workshops and events related to the topic. It has also initiated various measures to strengthen employees’ awareness and adaptability (or resilience) in connection with Work Smart.

By signing the Work Smart Initiative, Swisscom has pledged to foster new and mobile working models, flexible working irrespective of location and access to knowledge that knows no boundaries. Accordingly, it supports its employees in their efforts to strike an appropriate balance between their work and private lives. In addition, Swisscom is committed to integrating employees with physical or mental impairments into the work process and making even more sustainable basic use of resources and infrastructure. As part of the initiative, Swisscom shares its experiences with other companies and aims to contribute to a modern, sustainable Switzerland with its knowledge. Thanks to Work Smart, it is not only employees who benefit, with more flexibility and quality of life, but also companies, which gain greater productivity. See the section “Work and life” on page 37 for more information.

Development and performance dialogue: performance management

To assess and promote employee performance and development, Swisscom will continue to develop its Performance Management System in line with requirements. Performance evaluations are held on the basis of binding contribution agreements, which are to be discussed openly within the respective teams as of 2017. Dialogue with the employee’s internal customers supplements the regular dialogue between employees and managers. This supports employees in meeting their agreed contributions over the course of the year.

The Leadership Academy offers managers in both personnel and technical leadership roles the opportunity to get to grips with the key skills required by a management function in a changing environment. Offerings tailored to individual employees and group and context-specific platforms aimed at further improving management skills build up the competences of Swisscom’s managers in a systematic and sustained way.