Data protection

The customer data that Swisscom works with is subject to the Swiss Data Protection Act, Tele­communications Act and various client-specific confidentiality laws. Compliance with data protection laws and the observance of confidentiality are key tasks and concerns for Swisscom. It collects, stores and processes personal data on the basis of the applicable contract provisions, particularly for the provision of services, the handling and maintenance of the customer relationship, for billing, ensuring high service quality, the security of the business operations and its infrastructure, and for marketing purposes. Where legally stipulated, personal data is only processed with the necessary consent of the customer. Customers may at any time object to the processing of their respective personal data and can withdraw their consent. Swisscom raises awareness among all employees who have access to customer data through data protection and confidentiality training and empowers them to rigorously implement the relevant compliance measures.

Moreover, Swisscom has taken technical measures to further improve data protection and confidentiality. It has reviewed and specified all access rights to critical customer data. It has also set up a system to determine whether access to critical customer data is legitimate. As in the past, Swisscom also aims in the future to continuously develop the technology used for data protection and to optimise the organisational structure, processes and employee training required for this purpose. In bringing in new technologies and in meeting new needs, Swisscom is aware of its responsibility and will continue to exercise the required sensitivity and assume its social responsibility as a companion in the networked world.

Swisscom intends to continue providing its customers with support in the ongoing digitisation of society. Within this realm, it is carrying out smart data projects for third parties, as part of which personal data is not sold; instead, only anonymised data is used to draw up interpretations and analyses. The residential customers affected by this can visit the Customer Centre online or call the hotline to prevent the data that they provided being used in smart data projects.

Swisscom has also established an Ethics Board. This board serves the company in an advisory role and addresses issues relating to process sustainability and integrity as well as digitisation applications.


Finally, Swisscom strives to provide information on issues relevant to data protection in non-­technical language and in befitting detail. Part of the Swisscom website is dedicated to this.