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Swisscom has a vision for cooperation within the company: All employees work together easily, directly and without barriers – as part of a team and across divisions as well as with external partners. This collaboration takes place not only in the office, but at the locations that are most convenient and conducive for employees and with the right tools for the job – on a flexible time schedule and in line with their needs. The Work Smart solutions offered by Swisscom not only enable employees to work when they want and where they want, they also place the emphasis on the productive exchange of knowledge and information. In this way, the solutions boost the productivity of employees and give them a great deal of freedom in the way they structure their work. A home office, for example, is well suited for tasks requiring a high level of concentration. Finally, Work Smart means that employees can make productive use of their travel and waiting time. It also takes some of the strain off the rail and road networks if they avoid rush hours.

Work Smart enhances individual job satisfaction and improves personal well-being by helping employees strike a good work-life balance. This must of course take due consideration of employment law and the conditions governing collective employment agreements in order to prevent any potentially adverse effects from the increased flexibility. Alongside its flexible work structures and time management models, Swisscom also offers employees the option of purchasing additional holiday time.

An internal Swisscom survey on Work Smart revealed that around 90% of all employees are able to benefit from the flexible working options offered. Around two-thirds of Swisscom employees currently make regular use of mobile working. A comparison with the rest of Switzerland, where about 40% of employees are given the opportunity to “work mobile”, clearly shows that Swisscom is taking a pioneering role in the area of Work Smart. It offers its business customers Work Smart coaching seminars, shares its experience with them and supports them in their development of modern collaboration methods.

Great potential through mobile working and acyclic commuting

Swisscom is conducting various studies to investigate the benefits of mobile and flexible working and the associated change in corporate culture. During the year under review, Swisscom was involved in two separate studies in its capacity as founding member of the Work Smart initiative. Firstly, it supported a study by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW on mobile working in Switzerland.


This FlexWork Study 2016 explains how mobile working and the obstacles facing it in the world of work have changed since 2014. Secondly, Swisscom collaborated with the University of Zurich on putting together the Work Smart Manual, which uses methodologies and case studies to show how Work Smart can be introduced and engrained in companies. It confirms that, of the approximately 4.65 million people in gainful employment in Switzerland, around one quarter used flexible models to their maximum advantage in the reporting year. This stands in contrast to the 2.62 million workers who, due to the nature of their work, infrastructure arrangements or company regulations, were not able or allowed to work flexibly. Around 30% of the total working population would like to be more mobile in their jobs. About 11% of employees could directly benefit from more flexibility, since their work allows it. However, they do not have the necessary technical infrastructure at their disposal, or they do not have the approval of their employer.

Of those who do use mobile working, around 56% use Swisscom broadband connections, i.e. some 984,000 people. In Switzerland, a total of around 64 million work days are completed at a home office each year.

The following services support mobile working:

  • Conferencing services: The traditional teleconferencing services. These can now be supplemented with functions such as screen sharing for group presentations.
  • Managed Communications & Collaboration: the communications solution that is integrated into the personal workspace and company-internal intranet. It allows for web and videoconferencing, screen sharing and the joint editing of documents, and also includes chat functions and information on the presence status.
  • Remote Access: Remote access to the company’s network. This service enables employees to work with company documents and data regardless of their location or the time.

Swisscom is a founding member of the Work Smart initiative

Swisscom co-founded the Work Smart initiative in 2015 and is actively involved in the work done by the organisation as project manager. It shares its experiences with other Swiss companies and aims to contribute to a sustainable Switzerland with its knowledge and in-depth research. This is because it is not only customers and employees who benefit, with more flexibility and quality of life, but also companies, which gain greater productivity. The three goals of the Work Smart initiative are to promote a better balance between work and family life, to integrate additional groups of persons into work processes, and to make intelligent use of resources and infrastructure.

The Work Smart initiative facilitates new ways of working and supports cultural change. To this end, it promotes flexible work irrespective of location and access to knowledge that knows no boundaries, and conducts in-depth research with scientific partners. In the year under review, the Work Smart Initiative along with selected research partners investigated the proliferation of mobile working in Switzerland and offered support services to the nearly 90 signatories of the charter, for example in the form of a Work Smart Manual. Each year, the flexible working initiative organises a Work Smart Week featuring events for companies and signatories of the charter.


Providing information to and raising the awareness of customers and the wider population

In 2016, Swisscom continued its partnership with WWF Switzerland – and also renewed it during the year. It is now the main sponsor of the WWF “Ratgeber” (advisor) app and the WWF Footprint Calculator. With the advisor app, the WWF and Swisscom are heading in a new direction as “partners for the environment”. A separate menu within the app illustrates Swisscom’s commitment to the environment and society and is evidence of Swisscom’s aim of promoting a sustainable lifestyle. In the reporting year, the app sent monthly updates pertaining to Swisscom reports promoting a sustainable way of life. The Footprint Calculator is a simple method of calculating your personal ecological footprint and provides users with personalised tips on how to live more sustainably in daily life.