Products and services in Italy

Fastweb provides its residential and corporate customers with voice and broadband services through its own ultrafast broadband network as well as via unbundled access lines and wholesale products of TIM. In 2017, Fastweb enhanced its convergence offerings by launching a mobile 4G service on the market, making its coverage and performance the best in Italy. Fastweb’s offerings are characterised by a sense of simplicity (three price plans), transparency (no promotions or hidden costs) and convergence (fixed network and mobile communications bundled together). Fastweb also affirmed its leading role in the corporate customers sector in 2017, most notably in the public administration segment. During the year under review, Fastweb continued upgrading and expanding its fibre-optic network. 70% of the Fastweb FTTS network now provides speeds of up to 200 Mbps downstream; in addition, the FTTH network has been upgraded to offer speeds of 1 Gbps, and thanks to the joint venture with TIM (Flash Fiber), has been expanded to five additional major cities (Catania, Padua, Palermo, Perugia and Venice).

Finally, Fastweb has upgraded its WiFi sharing solution (WoW-Fi), which can turn a customer’s home router into a potential Wi-Fi access point for the entire Fastweb community. The new customer modem – known as FastGate –has one of the best WiFi performances on the market, while the new mobile app further enhances the customer experience.