Swisscom brands

The Swisscom brand is managed strategically as an intangible asset and an important element of the Group’s reputation management. It provides optimum support for Swisscom’s business activities, gives guidance to customers and partners, and also acts to attract and motivate current and potential staff.

The brand is implemented across all units – in a consistent and high-quality manner. It also has to be extremely flexible at the same time, bridging the gap between known and new concepts, and likewise standing for network and infrastructure, best experiences and entertainment, as well as ICT and digitisation.

Swisscom offers products and services from the core business under the Swisscom corporate branding, as well as under the secondary brands Wingo and SimplyMobile and the third-party brand M-Budget. It also has other brands in its portfolio which are associated with other themes and business areas. Outside Switzerland, Swisscom’s main market is Italy, where it operates under the Fastweb brand. The strategic management and development of the entire brand portfolio is an integral part of corporate communications.


Swisscom wants to be perceived as being trustworthy, committed and curious, and aims to support its customers in today’s networked world. This is embodied by the successful mobile telephony and bundled offerings, as well as the ongoing success of the Swisscom TV business. The Teleclub, Kitag and Cinetrade brands, also operated by Swisscom, make a further contribution to positioning the Group in the entertainment market. Other progressive offerings with a market presence, such as cloud services under the Swisscom brand or – for example in the e-commerce sector – under the siroop brand, improve the company’s position on the market and reflect its commitment towards the continuous improvement of its services.

Trustworthiness and service remain important factors in confirming to existing customers that they made the right decision in opting for Swisscom and in winning new customers, while also helping to underscore the importance of Swisscom for Switzerland: Swisscom is part of a modern Switzerland, is always recognisable as a Swiss company and positions itself clearly and credibly through its stance on responsibility. All this rounds off the positive image of the Swisscom brand and enriches the Group’s multi-faceted customer relationships. This is one reason why the reputation values achieved by Swisscom are exceptionally high for a company in the telecommunications sector by global standards.

External rankings also confirm this image. According to the “Best Swiss Brands” survey carried out by Interbrand, Swisscom sits in fourth place. This makes it one of the most valuable brands in Switzerland, with a monetary brand value of over CHF 5 bil­lion.