Dividend policy

Swisscom pursues a stable dividend policy that is focused on cash flow generation and capital allocation. At the forthcoming Annual General Meeting on 4 April 2018, the Board of Directors will propose an unchanged ordinary dividend of CHF 22 per share for the 2017 financial year. This is equivalent to a total dividend payout of CHF 1,140 million.

Since going public in 1998, Swisscom has distributed a total of CHF 30.7 bil­lion to its shareholders: CHF 18.7 bil­lion in dividend payments, CHF 1.6 bil­lion in capital reductions and CHF 10.4 bil­lion in share buybacks. Swisscom has paid out a total of CHF 367 per share since the initial public offering. Together with the overall increase in share price of CHF 178 per share, this amounts to an average annual total return of 5.4%.