Data protection

As part of its business activities, Swisscom processes data relating to various people. Swisscom processes this data in order to provide and continuously improve its services, to offer customers an enhanced experience and to open up new areas of business. Swisscom is committed to protecting the privacy of the persons concerned. A large proportion of data processing requires the consent of the persons concerned. Whenever possible, data analyses are conducted on the basis of anonymised and aggregated data with no personal reference. Under no circumstances is data containing personal references handed over or sold to third parties. Swisscom continuously expands its data protection measures. For example, all employee rights of access to critical data have been reviewed and redefined. Technical measures have also been implemented to further improve data protection and confidentiality. A central data governance organisation has the task of stipulating and enforcing framework conditions for data processing.


Finally, Swisscom strives to provide information on issues relevant to data protection in non-technical language and in befitting detail. Part of the Swisscom website is dedicated to this.