Environment, objectives and management approach

Group Human Resources is responsible for developing skills, culture and organisations within the company with an eye on future needs so that Swisscom can position itself as the top player on the market. Its services consistently drive forward the Swisscom strategy. Group Human Resources is responsible for implementing a uniform HR and social policy throughout the company and formulates and promulgates Group-wide standards, guidelines and principles. This unit supports the Group Executive Board and Board of Directors on HR policy matters, such as terms and conditions of employment, salary system and diversity.

Operational human resources management is essentially a matter for the specialist areas and line managers. Clearly defined Group Human Resources teams support managers in performing their management tasks independently from recruitment through to departures. Together with the internal competence centres, they make sure that the individual divisions fulfil their prescribed remit and support them in their needs.

Alongside traditional operational HR services, Group Human Resources focuses on the key areas of transformation, management, development and performance culture, and strategic workforce management. It plans the need for required resources and skills in collaboration with the divisions. In connection with this, it defines frameworks and key priorities for management development, succession planning and employees’ professional development in order to take account of the economic and technological developments. In so doing, Group Human Resources, together with managers, establishes a management culture characterised by personal responsibility, trust, appreciation and a healthy focus on performance, while at the same time strengthening the four key skills “entrepreneur”, “networker”, “trainer” and “self-management”. Group Human Resources also assists the units with effectively implementing agile forms of collaboration.

Group Human Resources is responsible for professional and vocational training throughout the Group and, as such, makes a key contribution to Switzerland as a business location. In addition, in its dealings with social partners and employee representations, the unit advocates the interests of the Group as a whole.

Group Human Resources pursues the following sustainability objectives:

  • To strengthen diversity in terms of gender, inclusion, generations and language regions
  • To press ahead with the Corporate Volunteering Programme “Give&Grow” as part of Swisscom culture and employee development
  • To foster staff employability through a comprehensive range of products
  • To develop and implement holistic occupational health management
  • To promote flexible working hours and models as a contribution to “Work Smart”

These objectives are targeted through the initiatives and activities below.

The notes to the “Employees” section relate to pages 28–30 of the Annual Report.