CR targets

The most important indicators for the achievement of Swisscom’s CR targets

Priority of the CR Strategy   Guidance 2017 1   Value 2017 2   Target 2020   Guidance 2018
Image target / cross-portfolio activities
Main target: Swisscom’s sustainability image              
Reptrak = standardised tool for image measurement of companies                
Citizenship is composed of social, economic and ecological ratings.                
KPI: Citizenship points in Reptrak from the rating by the general public   >70   69.5   >70   -
KPI: Share of "do-not-know"-answers Citizenship in Reptrak       19.1%   <10%    
2018 measures:                
> Establishment of the sustainability label and the topic circular econcomy in Swisscom Shops                
> Actions with public visibility on media skills, circular economy and smart city                
> «Together we can increase sustainability» on further products                
Expansion of portfolio of sustainable services (G4-EN27, SDG 13)       3        
Services with ecological or social value. These products are given a label. The composition of the portfolio varies over the years.                
KPI: Increase in the number of services with a sustainability label   40   53   60   55
2018 measures:                
> Evaluation or redesign of suitable services                
Mobile telephone return (G4-EN28, SDG 12)              
Re-use/recycling of mobile phones that are no longer used                
KPI: Return rate (percentage of sold mobile phones returned for recycling)   12%   8%       12%
2018 measures:                
> Increase in return rate over 2016 in the “Mobile Aid” and “Mobile Bonus” programs for private customers and “Mobile Bonus Business” for business customers                
Reduction in paper consumption (G4-EN27)              
KPI: Percentage of residential customers and SME clients using online billing   37%   36.6%       40%
2018 measures:                
> Further promotion of online billing                
> Direct mailing for suitable customer segments                
Training for employees at touch points (shop/call center/sales) (GRI-EN26)              
Training in Corporate Responsibility (CR) and in environment and social topics.                
Touch point training on the protection of minors in the media carried out                
KPI: Conduct training courses on anti-corruption   occured   occured   occured   -
2018 measures:                
> Touch point training on the sustainability benefits offered by Swisscom products                
Anti-corruption (GRI-SO4)              
Conduct training courses on anti-corruption                
KPI: Conduct training courses on anti-corruption   occured   occured   occured   -
2018 measures:                
> Only situational training intended                
Energy efficiency and climate protection
Main target: (G4-EN18) Increase in the ratio between customers’ CO2 savings and Swisscom’s own CO2 emissions (“2:1-target”)              
Emissions and savings are recorded in accordance with the ISO 14064 standard, verified externally and disclosed in detail in a climate report                
KPI: Ratio of the CO2 savings achieved by customers to the sustainable portfolio and Swisscom’s own CO2 emissions   1.4   1.23   2   1.60
2018 measures:                
> Further reduce own emissions from operation, including supply chains                
> Promotion of existing sustainable services                
> Expansion of the portfolio of sustainable services                
Main target: Energy efficiency (G4-EN5, SDG 7, 13)              
Increase in energy efficiency EF                
EF = (GEV + ∑ ESP) / GEV                
> TEC = Total energy consumption                
> AES = Accumulated energy savings                
Source: OFEV/FOEN Directive                
KPI: Increase in energy efficiency EF in %       13.9%   35%   16%
2018 measures:                
Implementation of other cost-cutting and efficiency measures (target = 23 GWh) including:                
> Dismantlement of analog network and technology improvements                
> Increase efficiency in data centers                
> Virtualization of servers                
Optimisation of CO2 emissions of vehicle fleet (G4-EN30)              
Focus on direct emissions from fossil fuels (Scope 1)                
KPI: Average CO2 emissions per car in g CO2/km according to manufacturer data   106   105   95   102
2018 measures:                
> Further implementation of the procurement roadmap                
CO2 emissions (G4-EN15-17)              
CO2 emissions in operations and in the supply chain (excluding Fastweb, energy offset). Part of the 2:1-target.                
KPI: CO2 emissions in tonnes   394,000   400,800   341,000   360,000
2018 measures:                
> Implementation of further efficiency measures                
> Improvements jointly implemented with suppliers                
CO2 savings by customers thanks to sustainable ICT services (G4-EN19, SDG 7)              
Sum total of savings achieved by customers through the use of sustainable Swisscom products. Part of the 2:1-target.                
KPI: CO2 savings in tonnes   512,000   493,702   700,000   569,000
2018 measures:                
> Promotion of existing sustainable services such as in the range of Work Smart and tiko/Swisscom Energy Solutions                
> Expansion of portfolio of sustainable services particular in the range of IoT and Smart City                
Work and life
Main target: Utilisation of mobile working models              
Number of people able to work on the move in Switzerland (according to a survey) multiplied by the average share of the fixed network and mobile broadband market                
KPI: Number of customers   893,000   989,000   1,000,000    
2018 measures:                
> Active participation in the Work Smart Initiative                
Main target: Utilisation of health offerings (SDG 3)              
The offerings include i.a. Abavent Events, the health portal healthi, the health dossier Evita, Datasport Event and the App Swissmom                
KPI: Number of customers   -   1,104,212   1,000,000    
2018 measures:                
> Extension of the customer base to medical doctors, hospitals, therapists, pharmacies and to healthi                
> Implementation of the networking projects                
Media skills and security
Main target: Promoting media skills              
Measurement by reference to the number of courses, visitors media smart platform, reader publications and child protection offerings                
KPI: Number of customers (cumulative)   -   932,812   1,000,000    
2018 measures:                
> New issue of enter (16th issue); migration media smart on for the purpose of increasing higher range                
> Awareness campaign media usage (Awareness Day)                
Participation in media skills courses (G4-SO1)              
Media skills courses for parents, teachers, pupils (middle and upper school) and Swisscom Academy                
KPI: Parents/teachers   7,500   6,847       8,000
KPI: Pupils   25,000   27,810       28,000
KPI: Swisscom Academy   16,000   16,561       20,000
KPI: Total number of visitors   48,500   51,218       56,000
2018 measures:                
> Expansion of offering by means of an online platform                
> Further marketing of the offering with complementary material                
> Media courses: Increasing publicity with specific communication measures, strengthen capacity of course instructor                
> Swisscom Academy: Expansion of online formats such as help videos and webinars and focus on the new online-format "Info-Café" (informational events)                
Promoting media skills: Visitors to the Media Smart platform (G4-SO1, SDG 4)              
KPI: Number of visitors on the platforms   120,000   31,022   120,000   120,000
2018 measures:                
> Continuation of SEO (search engine optimization) measures                
> Review of the reorientation of the platform                
Attractive employer
Main target: Establishing the company’s position as one of the most popular employers in Switzerland              
The position is measured by reference to the “Universe” ranking by students and professionals                       
KPI: Rank students   -   4   2   -
KPI: Rank professionals   -   3   2   -
2018 measures                
> Step up communication activities (flexibility & health, Employability, Diversity, Corporate Volunteering)                
> Positioning as a responsible employer, new consideration of the dimensions of ethics and CSR                
Diversity (G4-LA12, SDG 5, 8)              
Increasing diversity among employees, measured by gender distribution, age mix, nationalities and inclusion. The Diversity Index is only carried out every two years.                
KPI: Diversity Index of Superior School of Lucern (rang)   -   -   1    
KPI: share of women in management positions   -   11.7%   20%    
KPI: employees whose performance is impaired due to health problems (inclusion)   -   0.86%   1%    
2018 measures                
> Promotion of flexible working models for women and men at all levels                
> Specific training opportunities for women in management positions, Women’s pools in recruitment for MINT bodies, ICT weeks for girls                
> Inclusion of people with autism in IT testing                
Occupational health management OHM (G4-LA6, SDG 3)              
Staff absence rate constant or reduced over the prior year                
KPI: Absences in days/target days (weighted by FTE) x 100 Target days are based on standard working hours.   2.8%   3.06%       2.8%
2018 measures                
> Transverse projects: BGM@CTP (Customer Touchpoint), introducing mental helath training and early identification for line manager                
> Learning Lunches Social Media and Food, Mindfulness@Meeting, Mindfulness during Lunchtime, Study iCope (Online Stress Training), Webinar menatl health for line manager, self-management courses                
> Ergonomics-mini-consulting, Leadership & Health, health checks for employees with time autonomy, health checks for management staff, Learning-Lunches regulars table (discussion about Burnout), Learning-Lunches nutrition                
Corporate Volunteering (GRI-SO1)              
KPI: Number of volunteer days Give&Grow   1,300   1,140       1,300
2018 measures                
> Continuation of the programme in line with the number of volunteer days in previous year                
Fair supply chain
Main target: Review of working conditions of employees working for our suppliers (JAC Initiative) (SDG 8)              
Number of audits multiplied number of employees at the audited factories                
JAC = Joint Audit Cooperation                
KPI: Number of employees working at suppliers   1,540,000   816,000   2,000,000   -
2018 measures                
> Expanding the audits of the JAC community through partnership with the EICC                
Review of suppliers (G4-EN/HR/LA)              
KPI: Number of suppliers that have been audited   82   89       115
KPI: of which led by Swisscom   9   9       8
KPI: Number of suppliers with self-assessment (validated externally)   160   162       150
2018 measures                
> Intensification of joint activities as part of JAC (audits, qualitative + quantitativ), targeted “on-boarding” self-assessment                
Review of strategically important suppliers in terms of transparency of greenhouse gas emissions (G4-EN32)              
KPI: Number of key suppliers that disclose their climatic data via CDP CDP = Carbon Disclosure Project   55   56       60
2018 measures                
> Campaigns to encourage participation in the CDP through Action Exchange Program (AEP)                
Networked Switzerland
Main target:Coverage of Switzerland with fixed ultra-fast broadband as a requirement for ind. BIP of CHF 30 bil­lion (G4-EC7, SDG 9)              
KPI: Coverage of households and businesses Ultra-fast broadband = bandwidth (BB) >100 Mbps Base: 3.6 mio. households and 0.7 mio. businesses (source: FOS)     47.7%   85%  
2018 measures                
> Roll-out FTTx (x = Home, Street or Curb)                
> Increase in bandwidth                
Main target: Coverage of Switzerland with mobile ultra-fast broadband as a requirement for ind. BIP of CHF 30 bil­lion (G4-EC7)              
KPI: Coverage of population Ultra-fast broadband = bandwidth up to 150 Mbps     99%   99%  
2018 measures                
> The target is reached with 99% coverage. No new target for 2018 provided.                
Further measures:                
> Development of the mobile network according to the 5G standard                
1 The target is considered to have been achieved if it comes within a tolerance of 5%, or not achieved or exceeded if it is outside the tolerance
2 = target achieved
= target not achieved
3 target exceeded