Smart City

Goal 11 in the list of Sustainable Development Goals is “Sustainable Cities and Communities”. ICT technologies play a crucial role in this regard, since their smart use can help improve quality of life in urban living spaces, protect the environment and conserve resources. In 2017 Swisscom decided to tackle the Smart City concept head-on. The aim of this was two-fold: firstly, to take full advantage of the contribution Smart Cities can make to sustainability; and secondly, to develop a new business area. Swisscom already has various Smart City solutions. For example, the Swisscom Insights platform allows traffic flows to be tracked and analysed and subsequently used as a basis for traffic and construction planning within a city. This platform also makes it possible to improve security at large events. Another Smart City application includes the use of sensors in the area of the Internet of Things which can be applied cost-effectively to measure the level in waste containers or to monitor car parks or green spaces via the LoRa network implemented nationwide in 2016. Swisscom intends to make targeted additions to its portfolio of Smart City services in 2018.