Environment, objectives and management approach

Everyone in Switzerland should have access to the opportunities offered by digital media. Swisscom strives to ensure reliable network access throughout Switzerland. Beyond the applicable technical requirements, it takes the social impact of digital media seriously and is committed to fostering and developing media skills – both as part of its efforts in the area of youth media protection and through various initiatives which aim to bridge the “digital divide”. Swisscom intends to pursue this aim further in 2018 and promote media usage with an emphasis on self-responsibility and moderation, thereby championing a healthy information society that adds value in line with the federal government’s strategy. Swisscom is confident that Switzerland as a business location, the Swiss education system and the entire population will continue to benefit from a progressive ICT landscape. In harmony with Swisscom, the “Digital Switzerland” initiative passed by the Federal Council in April 2016 relates not only to the infrastructure aspects of information and communication technologies, but also to issues of data handling and the development of an information society. The digitalisation of further parts of society is essential. It covers much more than the mere use of technical devices and applications. Rather, it encourages everyone to be especially open and willing to learn on a daily basis. It is for this reason that in the current phase of transformation it is vitally important to develop a healthy, responsible attitude in dealing with the new forms for digitalisation.