Internet of Things

Following the national expansion of the Low Power Network, Swisscom is building further national networks for the Internet of Things using the two mobile communications-based technologies Narrow Band-IoT and LTE Cat M1. It is deliberately adopting a mix of technologies in order to enable its customers to use all the applications of the Internet of Things. Swisscom customers can therefore focus fully on their applications. The three networks form the basis for connecting millions of objects, including bikes, electricity meters, environmental sensors, valuables, cars and building technology.


The Internet of Things lays the foundation for smart cities, energy-efficient buildings, machine-to-machine networking and new digital applications, since it allows infrastructure, devices and things to network and communicate with one another – and makes the process tangible for users by answering questions such as: Where is an object? Is it moving or still? How warm is it? How high is its fill level? Is there the risk of an operational failure? The Internet of Things thus enables efficient and forward-looking management to conserve resources and administer them in the best way possible. Swisscom supports companies in digitalisation and with the development of applications relating to the Internet of Things. After all, the Internet of Things is changing the way things are developed. Products are no longer isolated objects; instead they can be extended to create advanced services through interconnectivity. Through this approach a heating manufacturer can offer all manner of services relating to heating, and a manufacturer of sun protection devices can offer comprehensive shading solutions.