Every year, Swisscom trains around 900 young persons throughout Switzerland in eight vocational specialisms. One of them is Giulia, who became head of the photo and graphics team in 2020 after completing her traineeship as a media technician.

“I see challenges as opportunities and can grow with them – and will have the chance again thanks to a great job offer after my traineeship.”

Giulia Langhi, Head of the Photo and Graphics Team

In 2020, Swisscom became the first listed company in Switzerland to place a EUR 500 million green bond on the market, which was oversubscribed several times over.

“We’re always looking for new ways to make sustainability work – like in 2020 with the successful placement of green euro bonds.”

Carmen Wäfler, financial specialist, and Pascal Salina, environmental manager

Swisscom is continuously expanding its fibre-optic network: With over 4.4 million new ultra-fast broadband connections, Swisscom is on track to offer 80 Mbit/s to 90% of homes and businesses in all Swiss communities by the end of 2021.

“I’m proud that we were able to fulfil 82,000 customer orders even under the lockdown, thanks to Cablex’s super protection concept.”

Dany Kammacher, Cablex technician

Swisscom was rated the most sustainable telecommunication company by several rating agencies in 2020.

“Our responsibility as a company goes far beyond the actual product. For example, in 2020 our customers will be able to buy new climate-compensated or used smartphones.”

Saskia Günther, Head of the Sustainability Team

With its Network Strategy 2025, Swisscom aims to double the number of optical fibre links.

“We want to be able to ensure our customers have stable and efficient networks at all times. Even during the lockdown we succeeded in this goal – despite massively higher usage.”

Luigi Chiofalo, Head of the Fibre-Optic Rollout team in Ticino

Swisscom won all the mobile network tests in Switzerland in 2020 and was also named the third best mobile provider in Europe.

“We want to offer our customers the best network at all times and in all places. To achieve this, we pre-emptively test and plan the introduction of new technology. With 5G, for example, we started planning five years before the scheduled launch.”

Patrick Weibel, 5G programme manager

Online – anytime, anywhere – Swisscom customers can get information, buy products and receive help from Swisscom experts in the event of problems.

“Every now and again, we go back to the drawing board for our customers and start over, so they get the best and most user-friendly online experience.”

Reto Jost, Scrum Master for Development of Online Experience for Swisscom customers

Swisscom modernised its first shops in 2020 and was ready to serve its customers during the lockdown.

“Our shop staff helped our customers get through the lockdown by offering deliveries so customers didn’t have to come to the shop in person.”

Cloé Zähringer-Cela, a shop manager responsible for operational shop management in the Lausanne, Fribourg and Jura regions

Swisscom protects its customers and prevents around 150 million attempts to access malicious websites every month.

“We’re here for our customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to prevent cyber attacks. After all, hackers don’t take time off either.”

Lorenz Inglin, Head of the Cyber Defence Team

Swisscom launched the new entertainment world blue TV in 2020 – now also as an app for every smartphone and tablet

“We listen carefully to our 3 million blue TV customers so we can provide them with the best mix in terms of content and functionality.”

Markus Gisi, blue TV programme manager