When capacities are exhausted

The growing demand for mobile data services continues unabated – under-26-year-olds, for example, use seven times more mobile data volume on average than older people.

To keep pace with this development, we need a high-performance mobile network that has to be constantly expanded. That's why Swisscom operates antennas throughout the country. The capacities of 90% of the antennas in urban areas already cannot be expanded in response to growing needs as the legal limit has been reached.

The provisions of the Ordinance on Protection from Non-Ionising Radiation (NISV) in Switzerland are 10 times as stringent as what the World Health Organisation recommends. If Switzerland is to continue to provide one of the world’s best information and telecommunications infrastructures, a moderate adjustment to the NISV limits is necessary.

We also advocate the use of more practical measuring methods based on international standards. Our automated solution is precise and far better reflects actual emissions.

We are committed to a future-proof Switzerland that remains internationally competitive. For 2020 we plan to introduce the new 5G mobile telephony standard, which makes speeds of up to 10Gps possible.

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