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Whether at home or on the move – Swisscom TV is always with you.

Hey Swisscom – the new Swisscom Box not only offers the best in TV entertainment, but with its voice control feature you can now use it to control other networked smart home devices such as lamps. Content providers such as Netflix are even better integrated thanks to the new user interface and content is even easier to find. By the end of 2019, 1.56 million customers were using the most popular television provider in Switzerland. The new Swisscom Box thereby lays the foundation for future applications that could become an integral part of our lives. Swisscom TV

TV Air on the move

Never miss your favourite programme or recordings, even when you’re on the move. TV Air brings Swisscom TV to your laptop, tablet or smartphone – with all the features that make Swisscom TV so unique: Live TV, Replay, recordings and Teleclub content. It’s really practical to watch your purchased recordings or films offline. And with Swisscom TV, you can watch them on an aeroplane or when you’re abroad, without the need for an Internet connection. Almost 650,000 customers watch TV Air every month – and it’s also available for free without a subscription. Swisscom TV Air

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