Priorities and objectives up until 2020

Swisscom’s Corporate Responsibility activities focus on issues that have high relevance for stakeholder groups and at the same time are closely linked to the company’s core business. Swisscom’s vision is of a modern, forward-looking Switzerland: a country of great opportunities, including in the field of sustainability. Specifically, Swisscom focuses on improving its sustainability image and on six areas as strategic priorities; in 2015, it set a long-term target to be fulfilled by 2020 for each of these areas, based in part on two fundamental studies (SMARTer2030 and System Transformations, both by the Global e-Sustainability Initiative). The first three strategic priorities involve measures aimed at supporting Swisscom’s customers in living a more sustainable life. Two of these priorities are geared towards its employees and partners. The final priority describes an economic target for Switzerland.

The CR strategy is described in detail in this Sustainability Report. Swisscom’s corporate strategy is laid out in the section “Strategy and environment” on page 14 of the Management Commentary of the Annual Report.