Training and education

For Swisscom, giving its employees sufficient creative freedom and personal responsibility for their professional development forms part of an inspiring learning culture. As a pioneer in the field of digitisation in Switzerland, Swisscom is dedicated to getting to grips with the working and learning models of the future. It offers employees and managers an environment in which they can develop and test new skills. These include cross-functional squads, chapters and tribes – mixed teams that combine all the skills and disciplines necessary to execute tasks and develop their products independently using agile methods.

Employees can access numerous e-learning modules in the Learning Centre. These modules impart learning content of all kinds – from leadership topics to specialist subjects (e.g. IT, cloud and business administration) to overarching topics such as security, digitisation and governance. Employees are also increasingly developing learning opportunities themselves and sharing their knowledge with their colleagues on platforms. Swisscom thus offers its employees a learning environment that takes account of digitisation – both in terms of the format and accessibility of the learning offerings and in terms of content. In addition to basic ICT knowledge, Swisscom has also developed numerous role-specific learning topics such as social media for sales and data centre strategies, and incorporated these into the Learning Centre. From 2019, Swisscom will combine all its corporate learning activities in the One Swisscom Academy in order to further improve the support it offers its employees in their professional development.