Innovation as an important driver

Innovation is a key driver in the bid to enter new markets and partake in up-and-coming technologies. Due to the rapidly changing nature of Swisscom’s business environment, innovation and development – in other words the commercially successful implementation of new ideas – are becoming increasingly important. Innovation is also an important lever in remaining relevant in the core business, in generating growth in new markets and in digitising internal work processes. Swisscom strives to anticipate strategic challenges, new growth areas and future customer needs early on, so as to help actively shape the future of telecommunications and the Internet. At Swisscom, innovation takes place in all areas of the company as well as beyond. Within the company, Swisscom practises and promotes decentralised product development. New ideas are generated throughout the company. Outside the company, Swisscom promotes innovation throughout the industry. In particular, Swisscom is committed to supporting young companies that offer progressive solutions in the fields of IT, communications and entertainment. It participates in start-ups as a project partner and investor, supports them by providing tailored products and services, and offers them access to infrastructures and markets. Swisscom works in collaboration with FinTech start-ups and thus makes targeted investments in promising FinTech ventures. Swisscom is also present in Silicon Valley. Its branch offices run targeted trend and technology scouting operations and help to remain at the forefront of technological development via collaborations with start-ups.