Customer satisfaction

Swisscom Switzer­land conducts segment-specific surveys and studies in order to measure customer satisfaction. It mea­sures customer satisfaction twice a year, in the second and fourth quarters of the year. The Wholesale segment mea­sures customer satisfaction once a year. For all segments, the most im­por­tant metrics are the extent to which cus­tomers are willing to recommend Swisscom to others and the related Net Promoter Score (NPS), which represents the emotional aspects of customer loyalty and reflects cus­tomers’ attitudes towards Swisscom. It is cal­cu­lated from the difference between “promoters” (cus­tomers who would strongly recommend Swisscom) and “critics” (cus­tomers who would only recommend Swisscom with reservations or would not recommend the company). Swisscom also conducts the following segment-specific surveys and studies:

  • The Residential Cus­tomers segment conducts rep­re­sen­ta­tive surveys to determine customer satisfaction and cus­tomers’ willingness to recommend Swisscom to others. Callers to the Swisscom hotline and visitors to the Swisscom Shops are questioned regularly about waiting times and staff friendliness. Product studies also regularly survey buyers and users to determine product satisfaction, service and quality.
  • The Business Cus­tomers segment conducts surveys among cus­tomers to measure satisfaction along the customer experience chain. Feedback instruments are also used at key customer contact points in order to determine customer satisfaction. After each interaction with the service desk or after placing orders, IT users can submit feedback or enter their comments in the order system. Cus­tomers can also assess the quality and success of their projects on completion.
  • The Wholesale segment mea­sures customer satisfaction along the entire customer experience chain.

The results of these studies and surveys help Swisscom formulate mea­sures to further improve its services and products. They also influence the variable per­for­mance-related component of re­mu­ner­a­tion for employees and management.