Products and services in Italy

In the residential customer segment, Fastweb further strengthened its fixed-mobile convergent business and its go-to-market approach by a focus on transparency and simplicity. The company thus held onto its leading position in terms of customer satisfaction with fixed-line services and also achieved a high ranking with mobile cus­tomers.

In the business customer segment, Fastweb defended its leading position, particularly against large com­pa­nies (Fastweb market share of 34%) and in the public sector (Fastweb market share of 40%), where the company won major national public framework contracts for wireline and ICT services. In order to expand its offerings in the ICT and security markets, Fastweb acquired 100% of Cutaway and 70% of 7Layers in 2020. Thanks to Cutaway, Fastweb is expanding its offering for end-to-end cloud solutions and is now less dependent on third-party solutions. The acquisition of 7Layers increases capacities in terms of cyber security (high-quality services). Fastweb is thus further expanding its customer base and portfolio. In wholesale, Fastweb offers UBB services to other telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions com­pa­nies for their residential and business cus­tomers.