Strategy for Switzer­land

Swisscom is a market, tech­nol­ogy and innovation leader in Switzer­land with high quality standards, connecting both residential and corporate cus­tomers. It is at the heart of digitisation and enables its cus­tomers to seize the op­por­tu­ni­ties presented by the networked world without difficulty. In everything it does, Swisscom focuses on people’s needs. Its employees work in concert to provide inspirational experiences. Swisscom is committed and trustworthy in its actions, consistently seeks to learn new things and develop and systematically pursues its goals. What matters most to Swisscom is its cus­tomers’ trust in it. That trust is strengthened by Swisscom’s reliability and sustainability in everything it undertakes. To realise its vision of being a market leader in shaping the future and inspiring people in a networked world, Swisscom has set out three strategic aspirations.