We want to help shape the future and to make use of the op­por­tu­ni­ties presented by a networked world. Wherever a customer comes across us, he should find us to be trustworthy, committed and curious. Accordingly, motivated, competent and dedicated employees are of the utmost im­por­tance. A meaningful, appreciative corporate culture, dialogue-oriented corporate com­mu­ni­ca­tions and a willingness to embrace diversity underpin our human resources policy. We can therefore count on employees who work together and every single day afresh put their heart and soul into making people enthusiastic about the networked world.

We pay great attention to diversity and take care to treat colleagues fairly, regardless of their gender, age, origin, language or sexual orientation. We want to further increase the proportion of female employees in technical roles in particular. We train around 900 apprentices and ensure the inclusion of employees who have physical and mental disabilities.

To increase their employability, we guide and support our employees in their de­vel­op­ment. To this end, we provide our employees with a wide range of learning op­por­tu­ni­ties.

The dynamic economic en­vi­ron­ment demands a high degree of flexibility from our employees. As an employer, we make every effort to ensure they remain healthy and motivated for the long term. To this end, we pay particular attention to the main­te­nance of a good work-life balance, stress prevention, improving resilience and also reducing the practice of going to work despite being ill (presenteeism).