Swisscom Group Goals

In order to ensure its long-term success in a dynamic en­vi­ron­ment, Swisscom has defined five Group targets (‘Swisscom Group Goals 2025’). It has enshrined one common denominator in these Group targets, which apply to all Group com­pa­nies: the new purpose of ‘Empowering the Digital Future’.


Swisscom has set itself the goal of con­sol­i­dat­ing its position even further, both as a market leader in Switzer­land and as a key provider in the market for IT services (‘No. 1 in Switzer­land’). It forms Switzer­land’s digital backbone and sets itself apart by offering the best customer experience.

Swisscom’s Fastweb subsidiary is a leading alternative provider for residential and business cus­tomers in Italy (‘Leading challenger in Italy’). Fastweb continues to expand its own convergent ultra-broad­band network through ongoing in­vest­ments. The best customer experience is based on impressive quality of service and on offers that are characterised by transparency, fairness and simplicity. Fastweb contributes significantly to Swisscom’s growth and aims to make further gains in market share.

Swisscom is characterised by enormous stability (‘Rock-solid financials’). Safeguarding profitability and cash flow is pivotal to its ability to continue distributing attractive dividend.

Swisscom is committed to fulfilling its Corporate Responsibility towards society. This responsibility is becoming increasingly im­por­tant in the eyes of shareholders, the capital market and cus­tomers (‘Committed to Corporate Responsibility’). As a trustworthy company, Swisscom focuses on sustainability, which it expresses through net zero emissions and a positive carbon footprint in the Swiss business by 2025, among other things. Swisscom also promotes diversity and inclusion within its own company. Diversity stands for a balanced mix of generations, gender equality and variety in terms of language and origin. Inclusion refers to the targeted integration of employees with physical or psy­cho­log­i­cal impairments as well as the integration of refugees.


As a leading digital company, Swisscom launches innovative products and services based on resilient and secure networks (‘Out­stand­ing in innovation & reliability’). It develops growth areas in its Digital Business division, such as FinTech or Trust Services, in a targeted manner.