Strategy in Italy

Fastweb is an in­fra­struc­ture-based, alternative telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions provider for residential and business cus­tomers in Italy. It has its own ultra-broad­band in­fra­struc­ture and offers mobile com­mu­ni­ca­tions services in addition to fixed-network services for residential cus­tomers and smaller business cus­tomers. It positions itself as a high-quality provider and pursues a strategy of becoming an in­fra­struc­ture-based OTT provider. Its own network in­fra­struc­ture (mobile com­mu­ni­ca­tions and fixed network) offers cus­tomers gigabit con­nec­tiv­ity. At the same time, Fastweb is developing new services that – much like conventional OTT providers – are characterised by simplicity, strong customer orientation and effectiveness. Fastweb continues to expand its own convergent ultra-broad­band network through ongoing in­vest­ments. In the broad­band market, Fastweb’s good market position is based on its own optical fibre-based in­fra­struc­ture (FTTH and FTTS). Fastweb has held a 4.5% stake in FibreCop S.p.A, a network company founded in 2020 and majority owned by TIM (58%), since 2021. By acquiring a stake in FibreCop, Fastweb will benefit from the planned further FTTH roll-out in Italy. Fastweb ad­di­tionally relies on the use of fixed wireless access (FWA). FWA allows surfing speeds similar to those offered by fibre to achieve a better customer experience at lower costs and with less time required for network expansion. The planned roll-out of the nationwide 5G mobile network will be enabled by the acquisition of Spektrum and the partnership with WindTre.

In the residential customer segment, Fastweb relies on a convergent product portfolio that is transparent, fair and simple. It intends to offer the best customer experience by providing an impressively high level of service quality. For business cus­tomers, it is making strategic expansions to its portfolio, primarily by employing horizontal solutions focused on cloud and digital security. Another focus of Fastweb’s activities is the expansion of its wholesale offerings – whether in the area of ultra-fast broad­band or with the connection of mobile com­mu­ni­ca­tions sites to the fibre-optic network.

In order to improve its brand positioning, Fastweb has ad­di­tionally enshrined its purpose of ‘Tu sei futuro’ in its articles of association. In doing so, it intends to expand its positioning, which had been heavily based on speed and per­for­mance in the past, to include future topics such as digitisation and sustainability. Swisscom expects Fastweb to further expand its market position in the future and to make a rising value contribution.