Training support and other mea­sures

Media users today are faced with a wide range of challenges. Different value systems create tensions. Young people experience media as a natural part of their everyday lives. Adults tend to recognise time lost in online presence and try to keep their children away from digital media. Older people risk missing out on digitisation, although they too could simplify and enrich their everyday lives with the help of digital media.

In this area of tension, we therefore do not turn a blind eye to the risks of inap­pro­pri­ate and excessive media con­sump­tion. By 2025 at the latest, we will support two million people a year in the use of digital media. The training support is a key measure to help people, to inspire them and, if necessary, to assist them in difficult situations.

The rapidly changing media landscape is leading to new challenges all the time – for children and young people as well as for grandparents, parents, teachers and many others. In 2021, we analysed and restructured the range of training content and formats. The strategy now follows the forms of use of contemporary learning paths (shift-to-digital), and the support focuses on these three areas:

  • Youth media protection and media skills: raising awareness and providing assistance in media use for children, parents and teachers.
  • Digital inclusion: enabling different target groups to use digital media in their daily work and private lives.
  • Data and Internet security: raising awareness of possible risks through digital media, in particular protection and media use behaviour with regard to people’s own data and the prevention of data theft.

This means we are focusing on a uniform range of training courses on everyday media for schools, parents, senior citizens, SMEs and other target groups. By bringing training content together in one place, we are increasing the visibility of our commitment. This website will be launched in spring 2022.