Innovative data centres

The power usage effectiveness (PUE) value represents the total power consumed by a data centre relative to the power consumed by the IT in­fra­struc­ture used there. In the year under review, our data centres had an average PUE value of 1.34 (prior year: 1.32). We strive to improve this figure all the time.

Our most innovative data centre is located in Berne Wankdorf. This is cooled with recirculated air and rainwater and achieved a PUE value of 1.32 in 2021. Its waste heat flows into the city of Berne’s heating network and directly heats homes in the vicinity.

In order to further boost the efficiency of our data centres, we are focusing primarily on server virtualisation. This means that less IT in­fra­struc­ture and therefore less energy are required for the same per­for­mance.